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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Meikle Ferry to Golspie


Yesterday evening we walked to the point. What was the lorry from St Malo doing there? Both places are in shellfish areas ... coals to Newcastle? It was good to see Mark and Lorna from All Saints, Eastbourne, out of the four bicycling End To Enders, and we chatted a bit about what we were doing. I got up at 01:54 for a pee. There was dawn twilight in the north, less than an hour after solar midnight. Does it ever get dark up here in midsummer? At about 05:00, the whole tent shook in the wind as a goods train passed... frightening for a moment.

There was a fair bit of work to do today, some of it because of the need to deviate to avoid the A9, though as trunk roads go it was a bit of a pussycat. The start was to see my first John O'Groats road sign (hooray, another milestone!), and cross the Dornoch Firth by the bridge, to the mournful accompaniment of the wind on the crash barriers. Was it Strouhal's lament for those the road has broken? The lights on the bridge pointing out to sea were big. The scale of maritime stuff excites me... great thick ropes, thick steel plate, the sheer size of ships.

On the downslope, a local on a recumbent trike crossed the road at great personal risk and volunteered directions. I was pleased to see him again later in the day. I had the impression that practically anyone on foot or a bike around these parts was an End To Ender. This gentleman had been twice, but that wasn't his purpose today.

By Loch Fleet, Janet pointed out some oystercatchers to me. They were identical to the mystery birds I had seen in fields earlier in the walk. Mystery solved. Or rather, mystery changed into new mystery... Oysters in fields?

Pictures from today...
Yesterday's sunset, from the campsite
Fellow LEJOGers Mark and Lorna, cycling for CPAS Falcon Camps. Further information from http://www.allsaints-eastbourne .org.uk/
Supporter Hannah at Dornoch Cathedral, getting ready to walk five miles across the links
The way ahead - along the beach near Embo
Bird life at Loch Fleet
Blurry picture of the rare single wintergreen (Getting it in focus would have required me to do something technical, and I didn't have the instructions)
Memorial to the first Duke of Sutherland, who threw several thousand highlanders off their land
God we thank you
for the diversity of wildlife.
May it continue
to excite and please us,
and to be what you created it to be,

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