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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Alness to Meikle Ferry


Happy Birthday, Jim!

Today's walk was moderate in length, but very easy, and I arrived at Meikle Ferry in early afternoon. Just to make it a bit harder, I got slightly lost in the woods of Lamington Park.

There are quite a few distilleries around here. A medical student told us illegal drug abuse was quite a problem in north east Scotland. I have the germ of a thought that drug abusers are the unacceptable fundamentalists of the consumerist faith, but I probably would need to back that up with some argument. It's all about achieving what you need most deeply (salvation, wholeness, fulfilment [sp?]) by buying something...

We are camping again, at Meikle Ferry this time, and our pitch is next to that of some LEJOG cyclists, but I haven't made contact yet. They seem to be doing it in ten days, which amounts to a prodigious daily mileage it seems to me. The Meikle Ferry no longer runs, the Dornoch Firth having been bridged a few years ago. But in 1809, 99 people drowned when the ferry was hit by a storm.

Tomorrow I walk across that bridge... Crossing the Dornoch Firth will be another milestone, one that puts me truly in the north.

Pictures from today...
A path through the woods
Church emerging from houses
This one's for J & G
God of land and sea,
we pray for all who go on ships,
as passengers or crew.
Bring them safely to port.
May captains have the patience to be safe,
even if it means losing money.
Lord, in your mercy ... hear our prayer.

We pray for people who are addicted
to alcohol or drugs,
for release from what binds them.
We pray that you will keep safe
the women whose menfolk get drunk and beat them up.
God, let there be justice in private as well as public.
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