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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Beauly to Evanton


The day dawned with an awesome spectacle. The moon had covered the face of the sun, which rose like a ring of fire. Unfortunately all this happened on the other side of an extensive blanket of mist and low cloud. I know it was extensive, because Hannah and I drove around, up hill and down for an hour, and it was the same everywhere. How do I know it happened? Because I trust Newtonian mechanics... O.K. so there might be a small relativistic correction... but I also trust the people who do the sums, probably several people checking with each other. Yet we also have suspicion about scientists. Increasingly, they have an axe to grind, being funded by corporations. Sometimes their conclusions come straight to the press without being subjected to peer review. We are entitled to have a knowing scepticism. But, on the whole they are an honest lot, and can be treated with a blind kind of scepticism, all tarred with the brush of dishonesty.

Anyway, the dawn expedition, the unfamiliarity of tent life and the insect bites which made my calf stiff left me feeling out of sorts for the walk. An embryonic headache became full blown by the end of the day. So a substantial but easy walk became more of a trial than it needed to be.

There is a lot of parkland and mixed farmland around here. Somehow I expected the landscape to be bleaker than this. At this stage of the walk, I'm finding that I come across features that remind me of earlier parts of the walk, half remembered, like the grass verge on the curving approach to a bridge, which reminded me of something on the way out of Bridgwater Somerset.

I'm also coming across the NCN1 from time to time, and expect to do so all the way to the end now, as I did with the NCN4 from the beginning.

On the way into Dingwall is the bright new Ross-shire Information and Technology Centre. I hope it makes a lasting contribution.

And the Scottish Cup Final passed without me even noticing.

Pictures from today...
Standing stone between Beauly and Muir of Ord
What country am I in? Conan Mains
Anyone fancy a sit down?
Living God,
we worship you without seeing you.
Help us to trust you.
Give us trustworthy people to talk about you,
honest and willing to listen.
Give us grace to know
when the woll is being pulled over our eyes.
Awesome God of all the universe,
we worship you.

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