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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Drumnadrochit to Beauly


Today I said goodbye to Chris, and walked alone, with the supporters doing their traditional and excellent supporting. In the course of the day I saw three southbound cycle tourists and wondered if they were JOGLE's. I'm beginning to want to compare notes with someone.

I walked north along what my 27 year old map told me was a single track A road, but which is now unfortunately double. Still, it wasn't too hairy. I climbed into a landscape of gorse and heather, lochans and little hills. I passed the point where a friend and I crossed the road 20-odd years ago with a tent on our backs, on the way from Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness. We just tramped across this country, crossing fences, into woods, round lochans, through bogs: we must have been mad. AFAIR the main difference since that time is that forestry operations are now being carried out by a number of independent organisations. Or maybe it's just that they're more prone to put up warning notices.

On the way down from this high ground I was passed by two people on bicycles, making the sound only of rushing wind.

Tonight we camp for the first time on this trip, and in the evening the supporters took me for a ride in the car. We saw clouds below distant hills in the orange-ish humid air. Ahead, a great bird of prey flew up from a fence post.

Pictures from today...
Twenty seven years ago, when my map was published, this Bed and Breakfast was a church
Wild boar
God guide those who must decide
what to do with church buildings.
Give them courage to be realistic and radical.
Give them love to be caring.
May they find
all things possible,
and your Spirit alive.

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