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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Alltsigh to Drumnadrochit


The persistence of yellow flowers... I'm still seeing primroses after two months. And I had not realised there was so much gorse in Britain. Nevertheless, I think on the whole that the spring is beating me on the journey northwards.

Anyway, today was a good day, because colleague Chris and daughter Hannah walked with me all the way. And when they weren't chatting with me, they could chat with each other. Hannah walked ten miles for the first time in her life, and climbed well over 300m into the bargain. Welcome to the walking Warwickers, Hannah!

With three pairs of eyes, we saw more things, like some fierce wood ants for instance.

Only Nessie failed to oblige with an appearance. It seems that several thousand local people have made sworn statements saying they've seen the monster. Well done them! Each statement is probably worth a couple of thousand pounds a year to the local economy. It's not everywhere you see such public spiritedness.

Because Nessie, stunning views of the loch, Urquhart Castle, little craft workshops... tourism is practically the only show in town. A large proportion of houses here are B&B's. And Drumnadrochit must be doing reasonably OK on it, because food prices, for what you get, are quite expensive. All very well, but what happens in winter? Service a few sheep an cut down a few trees? Judging by the accents, some of the labour comes for the season, like the antipodeans in the west highlands. A number of B&B proprietors may be retired and have enough to tide themselves over. I'm really just speculating though. It would be good to come in the rain-lashed dead of winter, just to see.

Pictures from today...
The family at the youth hostel by Loch Ness
Loch Ness from high - no monster visible
God who in Jesus
walks the world,
and flees persecution,
we pray for those who cross the country
and the world
in search of work.
May they find what they seek,
some place to be home,
and security of life.
Help us all to treat people fairly,
and welcome those who visit.

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