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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Laggan to Alltsigh


Answers corner... Thank you to the correspondents who told me about Concrete Bob. Apparently Sir Robert McAlpine built concrete viaducts on the West Highland Line, most notably Glenfinnan. The locomotive is unique in that it has two different names, "Sir Robert McAlpine" on one side and "Concrete Bob" on the other.

Last night's stay was in a youth hostel, which we shared with some Munro baggers who were in a perpetual condition of trying to organise a night out. This reminded us of many of the things that happen in church.

Today was a long day's walking, accompanied first by Chris and then, bravely for four and a half steep and rough miles, by Hannah: Janet and Hannah are now arround again, and I'm glad to see them. These forest tracks are pretty enough, but they do take it out of you - I shall be glad of a shorter day tomorrow.

Most of the visible employment around here is in tourism, an industry which has its ups and downs. Employment is not a new issue for the Highlands - part of the reasoning behind the building of Telford's Caledonian Canal was to provide work to stem the exodus of people from the Highlands.

Pictures from today...
Does this speak for itself?
Nessie - tourism is big around here
Hannah by stone cave
We pray for concealed churches,
whose members would prefer to stay hidden from the outside world.
Fill them with the spirit of Jesus,
friend of taxgatherers and sinners.

We pray for tourists,
that they may travel safely
and without harming the earth.
And we pray for those whose job
is to service them,
that they may have honourable work
and secure livelihoods.

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