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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Gairlochy to Laggan


It was great to meet my work colleague Chris Chesters at the bed and breakfast, and walk with him today, as a shall for the next few.

Not much else to say about the day, really, brilliant bed and breakfast, good walking on quiet forest tracks, feet feeling OK, though I'm not sure if Chris would agree.

There were quite a few masts visible along the way, maybe mobile phone masts or something else. There are the Great Glen waterway, the A82 and a disused railway. There aren't a great many people living here, but it's a place for communications, past, present, and future. The highlands are known as a place where a lot of use is being made of the internet, partly because of the distances involved in meeting physically.

Pictures from today...
Me and Chris at B&B
Ben Nevis
Old boat
Young lambs
Living God, spirit,
we thank you for all the ways we can communicate,
by speech, touch, by travel, or the internet.
Help us to use these abilities justly,
for love rather than our own power.
And may we consider those
who are disadvantaged in any of these ways of communicating,
and honour them as you do.

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