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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.


A dry day! ...though not predictably so. With plenty of time to kill, I had some breakfast at the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre. When I went for more coffee, the man didn't charge me - I'm hoping I haven't lost him his job by saying this. Excellent!

The locomotive parked at Fort William station with the sleeper train was called "Concrete Bob" - anyone know who this is - Bob Reid?

I wandered out towards Caol, in search of a local food shop. A small funfair was packing up, ready to move to Oban. A man from the funfair was running his car back and forth in an attempt to flatten a scar in the municipal grass which his ride had made. Very public spirited, if not completely effective.

The Great Glen is a massive, straight channel between two blocks of high ground, including Ben Nevis in the block on the south east side. Much of this high ground was clad in heather, looking very dark. The Ben's highest parts continued to be covered in cloud. I had plenty of time to look at this high ground as I walked up the Glen beside the Caledonian Canal. Plenty of other people were out, watching the Neptune's Staircase locks, walking, boating, canoeing, cycling.

Pictures from today...
Wishing stone
Neptune's staircase
O God, who wrenches the earth apart
to create the landscapes we recognise,
help us to know,
when our lives are wrenched apart,
that we have people we can trust to help us,
and that you will be close.
And may we be
loving and kind
to others whose lives are wrenched apart.

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