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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Kingshouse to Kinlochleven


Yesterday evening I went for a little walk in the dusk between showers, and saw a massive steel bridge on the main road, which looked tiny in this landscape. Later some wild deer ran across in front of me. It was that kind of place.

Today's stage was short, beautiful and not without effort. Once again, the cohort passed and greeted and re-passed. I'm thinking of going to church in the village tomorrow morning, which will set me back a couple of hours. As a consequence, I'll probably not see them again, and I think I shall miss them and that experience. Today, as it happens, I met the first fellow end to enders of the whole trip. They will end up at the windswept northern tip four days after me.

I arrived in Kinlochleven on Saturday afternoon. A fellow walker remarked on the lack of open shops. There's been a bridge at Ballachulish for some time now, and it doesn't look as through there's a great deal of through traffic in the village. There's a place here where there used to be an aluminium smelter, of which just the hydroelectric power station is now functioning. The site now has a brewery, and they're building a business park with the help of Objective One money. But if there's no job in a place like this, it's a long bus ride to get to one. No doubt tourism hots up in the summer months and amounts to more than a score of wet and hungry walkers. Several of us bought stuff in the Co-op. God bless these village Co-ops! They are everywhere the big boys won't go.

And if tourists do come to Kinlochleven, they'll find a brilliant place. On the way back from the chippie, I went round a small network of paths behind the Episcopalian Church, and saw the Grey Mares waterfall, a proper fall, awesome. Then I went up and sat on a bench overlooking the loch and the mountains. I didn't have the camera: you'll just have to believe me. Earlier, I had found the path that goes down to the lochside, slipway and jetty. What a place! Why isn't the whole world coming here?

There are footpath signs here, Spean Bridge, 18 miles, Corrour Station, 15 miles. That's a whole day's walk. If any footpaths deserve to be called serious, they do.

Pictures from today...
Buachaille Etive Mor again
Kinlochleven including the site of the former aluminium smelter
CND in a high field
Loch Leven
Living God, bless the people of remote communities
with work and life.
Encourage people who are working together to create jobs,
making use of European or other funding where they can,
using the strengths of the people themselves,
and the natural attributes of the places.
So may your will
of fulfilled [sp?] humanity
be done.

Holy God,
as water has strength
to gouge out rocks,
and gives electric power to humanity,
so my the working of your gentle Spirit
change the world.
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