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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Inverarnan to Tyndrum


I hadn't realised that these wigwam bunkhouses are mixed accommodation, but they are good, and I had a good chat there. I slept fitfully last night, with images of a path going down, up, around rocks, beneath low branches, over rocks, impossible to erase from my mind until the second half of the night.

All the athletes, it seemed, were now well ahead, and the path was occupied by people going at similar speeds. We passed and re-passed, and were beginning to recognise one another.

The scenery here is fantastic, especially when the curtain of cloud draws aside ... ta da! A damp early morning gave way to occasional showers.

And when the weather does clear, and wisps of cloud stream up from the loch and over the col, and the heights all around are visible, and you are walking a good path in a broad place, this, I thought to myself, is what it is all about.

Pictures from today...
Clearing weather
For Hannah
Me by the ruins of St Fillan's chapel
What's this about, then?
We give you thanks, God,
for the changing of the weather,
the dance of heat and moisture and turbulence,
air that contracts and expands,
breathing in time with heat and pressure,
keeping the laws of physics,
yet ultimately unpredictable.
We thank you for its change and glory.
We thank you for the way it gives us
the environment in which food can grow.
We admire its intricacy.
God help us take care of our weather,
so it may be kind to
generations to come.S
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