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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Bonnybridge to Lennoxtown


There are a few bits from the walk along the Forth Clyde Canal, like the rainbow grazing the hilltops, the Antonine Wall (the Romans got this far), the place where pleasure steamers from Glasgow used to come a hundred years ago. There were quite a few Sunday walkers and cyclists, most going faster than I was. The scale and sameness of the canal were pushing me faster than I ought to have gone.

I got to Kirkintilloch in need of a sit down and something to eat. It being Sunday, everywhere was closed in that part of town ... except McDonalds. I gritted my teeth and went in. There were lots of children there, with grandparents, parents, or what I took to be estranged fathers. In my Questions, lots of people have cited family life as something which has changed. People understood these changes in vastly different ways, and the "who gains, who loses?" question is hard anyway. But I think I've found a surefire winner. McDonalds is coining it in because of divorce. FWIW I had a fishburger: cheap and nice enough, but not a major threat to Atlantic fish stocks.

Diversion signs on the Strathclyde railway path brought me into Milton of Campsie, where I had a brilliant apple crumble at the Campsie Tea Room. If only I'd known about it earlier, I'd've held out to eat there. I spent the rest of the day overlooked by the Campsie Fells.

I have washed most of my clothes. This may have been a mistake. They may not all be dry by morning.

Pictures from today...
Milton of Campsie station
God of all nations,
we pray for the Church of Scotland
and their Assembly meeting this week,
that their decisions will be the best ones,
for the action and witness in Scotland,
for your kingdom and world.

Guide the governing bodies
of all churches worldwide,
show them your way, your will,
your dream.

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