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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Edinburgh to Linlithgow


Note from last night's meeting... Although employment in manufacturing has declined, output, remains high.

I didn't make the most of staying at St. Colm's international centre - just a few halting greetings to the other residents, who were church workers from overseas who had come to learn English. There wasn't really time, in the end.

Walking out of Edinburgh on the A90, I notice that at last the leaves are properly out on the trees, and that the A90 is seriously busy, and therfore extremely noisy, echoing between stone walls.

Now on a minor road north of the airport, I met two young men with big rucksacks coming the other way. I wondered where they're from and where they're going, but only managed a gesture towards the wet sky. One of them couldn't think why anybody else would be crazy enough to come here. Neither, as it happens, can I. We pass.

From Winchburgh, it's pure canal towpath, placid, wet in the intermittent rain, wild garlic finishing, wild strawberries starting soon, a heron. The setting helps my efforts to relax the pace and save my feet. A stranger answers my question about the red heaps hereabouts (see below). Excitement! A swan has nested in the middle of the towpath and I give it a wide berth. But the swan has met loads of people here before and isn't really bothered.

Eventually, I get to my room and it overlooks a field. I look at the damp, static herd met in the mud around the fodder, and am glad I'm not a cow.

The television news has a report of some research suggesting that passive smoking might not be so harmful as we had supposed. Guess who funded this research? Right.

Pictures from today...
The Prime Minister's old school
Horse and shale heap. The shale has had the hydrocarbons extracted from it, and these heaps used to be more easily visible around the Edinburgh area. Nowadays we get our oil from wells.
Duck family
Spire of St. Michael's, Linlithgow.
God of truth,
we thank you for knowledge,
for the enquiring mind,
for questions answered,
for the community of science,
for the excitement of uncertainty,
and the quest for truth.

We celebrate the way that knowledge builds
as we share data and insights,
and risk contradiction,
which all needs trust.
Let us not betray that trust
by distortion and lies.
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