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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Fala to Edinburgh


Answers corner... In the case of the Eildon Hills, appearances are not deceptive. Chief answerer Richard Emblem writes...
The Eildon Hills, Melrose From which I quote:- Like Edinburgh's Castle Rock, and Arthur's Seat, the great craggy hill which marks the East end of Edinburgh, the Eildon Hills were once volcanic cores; hard rock which has survived while the surrounding has worn slowly away.

When I got back onto the main road into Edinburgh, there was good news and bad news. The Good News was there was a pavement beside the road. The Bad News was it was closed for roadworks. So more stumbling along roadside verges. But that section was soon past and the walking became easy. I was soon met by Scott Spurling, youth minister from Morningside United Church, and John Smith, minister/chauffeur, who took the bag. Scott walked with me all the way into St Colm's in Edinburgh. In the excitement of having such good company, I got carried away and forgot to be gentle on my feet, as a consequence of which they felt very hammered by the evening. As I write this the next morning, they're still a bit sore, but I think they're going to be alright.

We had lunch in Mrs C's Snack Bar in the community centre in Gilmerton. I almost had square sausage, but failed to point to the correct tray. I thought there was a good atmosphere about the place. A number of people were smoking, but that didn't bother me. I think I'm not averse to a bit of passive smoking in some settings - it reminds me of Saturdays of my childhood. Other settings, especially on public transport, where it represents lawlessness, I hate it.

Some snippets from the conversation along the way... Speed cameras: people in the US would laugh at the idea that unmarked speed cameras were "unfair". Milk prices: part of the attraction of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (in the independent days) was that you knew they paid fair and consistent prices to milk producers. Wal-Mart: there is anti- Wal-Mart feeling in some southern states where small stores have been put out of business. On the other hand, Wal-Mart generates jobs, albeit at low wages.

After getting the key to St Colm's, I was taken (by car - wonderful!) to eat an Irn Bru sorbet and see Morningside United Church. Details of the Eric Liddell Centre can be found in "Reform", readable on the United Reformed Church website. Cars are a major problem in Edinburgh. They get in the way of other cars trying to move, and they get in the way of other cars trying to park. Edinburgh is full of stories of over-zealous traffic wardens, like the pregnant woman who got a ticket when she stopped to be sick, the broken-down bin lorry that was ticketed while the police were there directing traffic around it, the hearse, the stolen car, whose owner had to pay the ticket incurred by the thieves. Believe these if you will.

Later in the evening I was fed, and church leaders and family from Morningside consented to answer The Questions. ISTR The Questions are up in some form on the walk planning website. I'll post them on this diary when I've a little more time. I really have been looked after kindly here.

Pictures from today...
Tower in Dalkeith ... Suggestions?
Site of the Edinburgh fire
Some people from Morningside United Church
God of new life,
we pray for regeneration,
of people and hopes,
of the physical structure of our cities
where it is damaged or run down,
of communities and economies.
God give new life we pray,
to people, groups and places
who are crying out in despair.

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