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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Ewartly Shank to Kirk Yetholm


This was a long day, though made less long than it might have been by walking to the end of the tarred road at Ewartly Shank yesterday, and getting a lift back there this morning. The few showers were not a problem and visibility was good throughout. This was the third crossing of the Pennine Way as I reached the ridge of the Cheviots. That was also the point of entry into Scotland, and I permitted myself a subdued celebration. Somewhere about this time, about 500m up, some rain in a shower fell with tiny bits of graupelly ice in the cores of the drops. This is my only encounter with frozen precipitation so far. Not bad going.

The warden at the youth hostel congratulated me on getting as far as Scotland. It must be a habit with him, because the hostel lies at the end of the Pennine Way. I didn't really feel like being congratulated - see footnote. He stocks Traidcraft stuff on his own initiative, there are energy saving bulbs, and recycling for tins, bottles and plastic bags.

Later the URC bikers came, on the way back from their End To End Via The Synods jaunt. Oddly, I'm glad I'm doing it this way.

Footnote... I don't really understand why after a gentle day yesterday in comfortable new boots, my toe hurt more. Anyway, by reverting to manufacturer's insoles and repacking, I got me here. Tomorrow is a short day, a chance to recover, the last for a while. I now also have a grazed elbow after getting my bootlaces caught in the door. This must be a contender for the world's most embarrassing accident.

Pictures from today...
Motorbiker enjoying the Salters' Road I'm ambivalent about this
Ewe and lamb
TV aerial, Cocklawfoot
Tree Of The Day - I must be in Scotland
With the URC bikers on their End To End Via The Synods journey
God of the high places,
the moorland and mountain-top,
we thank you for the great, elevated experiences of life.
But we have to come down too.
Help us discover you low down,
in the normal experiences of life,
in love and heartache and healing,
as Jesus came down from the mountain top
and did your work with a boy with epilepsy,
and lived your life with people like us.

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