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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.


A shortish walk up to the end of the tarred road, and a lift back to the manse. Tomorrow, I cross the Cheviots by the Salters' Road. Support is here again, the showers never really looked likely today, I have new boots and the scenery is stunning ... an OK day.

Question time... The pink ish rock underlying many of the roads round here appears to be quarried in a hill a few miles away. Anyone know what it is?

Answer time...
Pauline Barnes writes ... Suggestion on the meaning of Dyke Neuk - in Scottish Neuk means corner, as in the Neuk of Fife. So maybe Dyke Neuk is just the corner of the...?
Richard Emblem writes ...
1. Ripon Rowel Walk Mosaics: Crackpot Mosaic Trail This is a six and a half mile walk around Dallowgill, near Ripon in North Yorkshire. The 22 mosaics which are positioned along the route were made during 1997 by The Crackpots, from Kirkby Malzeard. Each mosaic shows a feature of the local area (pictures and explanations available online.)
2. Durham Mining Museum - Leasingthorne Colliery
3.You can read the tale at: Legend of Lambton Worm
4.Hangie Dyke Neuk was apparently where Thomas Seton was hanged by Edward the First, however that was in Scotland, but aren't the Seton family from Northumberland? The pub can be seen online at Dyke Neuk

Pictures from today...
People are trying to flog schemes like this in the Northumberland countryside
Who had the time to make this pattern in the dust with their fingers, near Trewhitt Hall?
Tree Of The Day
Cheviots and support
"For we like sheep"
"have gone astray",
have gambolled and played like lambs
and lost our bearings,
have got on the wrong side of the fence,
have wandered into danger on the road,
have been delighted
as a lamb wags its tail when sucking,
have called out despairingly to our parents
or to their memory,
have been lame,
have cared for the young and vulnerable,
have run blindly after someone
who seems to know where they going,
have been cold,
have been wet,
have been innocently happy,
have loved,
have known our own frailty.
God bless us and all humanity.
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