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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.


It started with a quick ride to Bavington, a small church entirely surrounded by sheep. Then I was returned to Netherwitton to start walking.

When I got to the top of the hill and could see Simonside and the Cheviots, and the sea the other way, it was another of those "I must be making progress" moments. However, Newcastle is still not that far away, and one or two villages are used by commuters.

There are primroses again. And I looked at a squirrel for a few moments, think "that's just a squirrel" before noticing that it was red. Around Simonside I encountered other walkers. I don't think I can recall meeting any before, except for dog walkers, except maybe one or two on a couple of west country former railway lines.

Bird question... What's got white pointy wings with black edges, a white chest and squawks?

The Coquet valley and Thropton look like an idyllic setting, but it is also for many people a place of work, with all its attendant stress.

I was in Thropton early, so I waited on a roadside seat. As I sat, I heard a diesel motor behind me, and smelt fish and chips. Was somebody burning cooking oil in their tractor? Was it an olfactory hallucination? No, it was the fish and chip van that goes up the valley on Fridays. Good idea.

I was welcomed and well looked after again, this time at the Thropton Manse. Some people came in the evening and answered The Questions. Kind people.

Pictures from today...
Gorsey channel
Part of the Cheviots
Part of Rothbury
God of everyone,
we pray for people in country areas
in range of cities.
We pray for the creative coexistence
of commuters and people who work locally.
We pray that retired people may have their needs
for transport and companionship met.
We pray for ways
for young people to be able to live in their own villages.
God of life, give life and hope
to rural communities.

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