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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Darras Hall to Netherwitton


Apologies for neglecting to mention the kittiwakes. These seabirds nest high up in one of Newcastle's Tyne bridges, and people have objected. Presumably the gentlemen who yesterday drove underneath in an expensive convertible are among the objectors. All the more reason to keep the birds I reckon.

After all the excitement of yesterday, today was a walk of moderate length through quiet countryside. Thin morning showers gave way to sunshine, and the wind moderated. The land was a varying mix of sheep and arable, leavened by the occasional cow. This is apparently an area of strong feudal loyalties. The big families are still big.

In Safeways at Ponteland, I met a woman by the fruit juices who had the same problem as mine. She was visiting someone in hospital and only needed one carton, but they were packed in threes. We arranged to split a three between us. Who said the profit motive guarantees that people are provided with what they want? Maybe nobody.

I stopped for lunch and foot care at Whalton, and had a pint at the Dyke Neuk. I only mention this because I have no idea what it means.

At Netherwitton I was picked up and taken to my stopping place in the manse at Morpeth, where I was again looked after magnificently. Morpeth's sister church in Bavington closed for the duration of the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

Pictures from today...
Obelisk near Kirkley
Where a footpath used to be - we can't have hoi polloi here. This was admittedly only a minor diversion, but irritating in a minor sort of way.
God of hope,
we pray for churches in every place
that have hard decisions to take.
We pray for churches that may have to make sacrifices
for a greater good,
to let go of some part of their identity
in order to work more closely with others,
to part with money
in order to spend it where it is needed more,
to let go of the old
in order to embrace the new.
Guide those churches, we pray,
and give them hope.

We thank for the witness of churches
which have already taken such steps,
like those which closed
in order to prevent the spread of disease.

God be with us
in our hard decision making.
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