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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Richmond to Piercebridge


Another ride to Low Row URC this morning, the picturesque back way. The dale looked more benign in the morning light and dry weather. There were walkers all over the place: I was told this was not unusual. Keld, higher up, is the crossing of the Pennine Way and the Coast to Coast route. It was good to be at morning worship for the first time in a while, and among other things, I learnt that someone had spent Holy Week this year carrying a cross from Whitby to Scafell Pike. And I heard something of the hardships of people 200 years ago and of the minister then. Poverty and premature death were common. As today, I think there must have been a connection. The connection, I guess, is stronger today, beause of all that medical science can do for individuals or nations with the money.

The day was a short, straightforward one to the pickup at Piercebridge. The only problem was that, anticipating rain, and without my bag, I had put on too much clothing, and became very sweaty until Janet and Hannah rescued me halfway. In fact, we were solidly on the warm side of the front.

Pictures from today...
Some of Low Row URC
By the look of these houses, I must be geting further north
Support team in the land of wild garlic
Living God, help us hear
the sound of the servant song,
when we consider hardship.
It grieves us to know
the hardship people face,
of loss, of poverty,
disease and destitution.
Yet the song of the servant
is not just a song of suffering
but a song of change,
of your kingdom,
of a new world.
Let that be the song
in our hearts.
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