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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Ellingstring to Richmond


Answers corner... Richard Emblem again ... "Maybe your bird of pray (sorry prey) was a red kite Red kite - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Bird of Pray would be a white dove I imagine :-)" And Richard found the phone number of the pub near Otley. They told me that there was originally a feud between two adjacent pubs, the Traveller's Rest and the Roebuck. So people called them the Malice and the Spite. Only the Spite remains.

It was a clear day, and I was rushing to miss the predicted afternoon rain. Distant plumes of steam from Teesside were clearly visible right from the start - more evidence of progress.

You know the "cornfield" I mentioned a couple of days ago - it may have been grass - I'm not sure I can tell the difference. Later in the day, there were some fields of rape as well.

I passed Akebar Farm, which reminded me of the greatness of God.

Catterick Garrison is a big place and has the same needs as any town and then some more. There was a youth and community project there. A lot of service families were in evidence: life must be hard for them, especially at times of conflict. Troops are often exposed to danger, even in peacekeeping roles, or the role in which they now find themselves in Iraq. (Not quite sure what that is - hope they are.) One of the signs pointed to Megiddo Lines, which reminded me of Armageddon [sp?], the field of Megiddo where the last cataclysmic battle is hoped for by some. There are forces at work who don't care if they make the Middle East a place of screaming pain.

I've been well looked after here at Richmond, and in the evening I was taken to Low Row URC's anniversary concert up the dale. The concert was good, but when wandered out of the church during the food at the end, unaccustomed to so much society, I found it cold and wet and very dark in the dale. A distant light high on the hillside gave the massive scale of the landscape. The wind streamed through the trees. I hoped I would never have to spend the night outside in this.

Pictures from today...
Kilgram Bridge just downstream of Ure pumping station. The water works are doing a lot of work around here... preparing for climate change?
I'm glad I didn't have to find the footpath ffom this end...
Living God,
we pray for service families,
powerlessly waiting for news of their loved ones,
disrupted by postings,
part, yet not part of the community.
Letthem be strong,
whole and hopeful.
And when news comes
of death or maining,
let them be comforted
with the peace and hope
only you can bring.

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