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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Summerbridge to Ellingstring


It was a good job I had the most mighty breakfast ever at the Flying Dutchman, because, apart from a drizzly interlude at lunchtime, it rained all day. For the first time, I arrived wet at my lodgings.

Brimham Rocks in the morning were magical, with the rocks, the trees, bracken, heather and secret hollows, all in the mist as the cloudbase touched then lifted.

Loads of rabbits were visible for the northern half of the walk - they must amount to a significant pest here.

Towards the end of the walk, the cloud came back down and I could hear a small group of sheep and lambs bleating. They sounded irritable: I didn't blame them - it had been raining all day.

Pictures from today...
I don't think I'll go that way - it seems too far
The League again
Someone had been muckspreading on this boggy ground. Does this say something about hope?
Mosaic on the Ripon Rowel walk #1 - anyone know anything about this walk?
Mosaic #2
Duck houses at Ellingstring
God of all creation,
we thank you for the rain,
rain splashing, rolling down the window pane
rain in rivulets,
torrents on the road,
rain down the neck,
rain on a tin roof,
rain that splashes up from the dust and makes wall bases red
rain that makes the desert spring to life,
that makes food grow
and gives us water.

We pray that precious water
may be distributed fairly,
especially in parched Israel and Palestine
and other dry areas.

We ask your protection
for those who are threatened by floods
or have to travel in wet and dangerous conditions.
© Bob Warwicker. The words here may be reproduced freely, but not for gain, or without attribution. All alterations must have the permission of the author.