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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Lister Park Bradford to Otley via Emmerdale and Chippendale


Notes and queries section... Richard Emblem has emailed...
a Google Search turned up this item:-
The Trade Magazine for Business in and Around Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.
This A5 colour magazine is unique and was founded by Marie and Mark Haddleton around 15 years ago. It was intended to be a single page 'flyer' but grew rapidly into a magazine. It is a 'trade to trade' magazine and also carries local news and events. Every copy is read cover to cover and is distributed to around 3,000 letter boxes in the area, besides being left at pick-up points and has a large subscriber base. Many jewellers all over the country, including Guernsey, Jersey, Southern Ireland and The Isle of Skye use The Hockley Flyer to buy equipment and materials peculiar to the Trade. People have been heard to say "We simply cannot imagine the Jewellery Quarter without The Hockley Flyer."

It was a relatively light day's work, with some heavy showers, all of them somewhere else. It was good to have some people walking with me, and Keith from Keighley and Bernie Collins, the Synod Training Officer, went all the way. Once again, the conversation makes the time pass.

We went by the park, quiet back streets, the canal, a country lane and footpaths, so it was easy on the ears and the nerves.

Esholt, it seems, was the original setting for Emmerdale Farm (as it was then), but I declined to take a photo of the Woolpack on the grounds that I was not going to look like a tourist. What I actually look like, with these Morecambe [sp?] and Wise trousers, I prefer not to think.

Over the Chevin (the second I've climbed on this walk), with its massive Churches Together at Easter cross, and down to a welcome cup of tea at Otley, the town of Chippendale (the furniture maker, not the stripper), before saying goodbye to the support and finding my billet. That was it. A nice day.

Pictures from today...
Supporters in Lister Park, Bradford
Supporters by the Leeds - Liverpool Canal near Shipley
Sheep at farm park, Esholt
Cross on the Otley Chevin
God of love,
we give thanks for companions on the way,
and all they mean to us.
Help us, God,
to be good companions to those
who find the going hard,
the path indistinct,
the food and water meagre
or the pack heavy.
And as we contemplate those lone crosses
that we see around us,
on churches, in the town square, on hilltops,
let's not forget that there were three,
and you are the companion of criminals
as much as you are a companion of the holy
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