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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Rishworth to Manningham (Lister) Park


This is Rishworth. The valleys are steep and the local (Halifax) press is full of taxi drivers' violence fears. It's drunkenness or racism or both.

There's a row of prefabs with neat, well kept gardens. There's a notice that says "regenerating Sowerby Bridge". In a cafe, the radio tells me that Corus Engineering Steels is to close Stocksbridge works near Sheffield. The woman who runs the cafe tells me it's a familiar story here too. There are many instances of people having to get new jobs which paid less than the people were earning years ago.

People are not well off this side either. Wool has fared no better than cotton.

The proprietor also regretted that children lived as consumers: they expected to have expensive toys which didn't entertain for long. They were better entertained being creators, making something from old cans or such.

As I walked up Pye Nest Road, I kept getting hit by a burning smell. It was a while before I realised it was the brake linings of the HGV's coming down.

Halifax is a land of mills and hills. After passing through, I was inclined to think its car friendliness made it unfriendly to people.

There was an old mill building in Shelf used by "Interface Europe" - not sure what that was, but it's good to see these spaces used productively.

Bradford bits... like the Science Park by the university, the city-run Interfaith Education Centre, "death to America", "new life in Jesus", and several police vehicles driving round and round, but no officers on foot.

I was taken to Keighley where I was once again looked after brilliantly. Keighley is a town of only 60,000. You can see fields all around. The steam railway to Bronte country starts here. Yet my hosts pointed over the valley to where the twockers burned their cars. And people here don't have much money either.

Pictures from today...
Halifax proclaims itself "car friendly"
A donkey - is Christ burdensome?
God of life,
we pray for communities which once
depended on processing wool.
Give life, we pray,
through the regeneration of economies,
through the regeneration
of people's lives together
and of people's hopes.
Where racism and crime are rife,
let there be justice and peace.
Help all who suffer
and give strength to all
who strive to end suffering.
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