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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Coal Aston to Firth Park


Another short day, a bit more grey and a bit more cool. This time I was on home territory, walking across Sheffield to stay the night at home. In many ways it wasn't much different from my usual walk home, except that there were some leaves on the trees, and there was brown earth where once there had been a block of flats off Earl Marshall Road. It didn't feel as if I was in the middle of something bigger.

It was good to be accompanied again, from Jordanthorpe to Graves Park by a posse of people, and further into town by Gwen Smithies.

Early in the evening, some neighbours and people from the church came round to eat pizza, lend me foot potions and encourage me. People are so kind.

Just for today I am filling in the diary at home, one of many people who work at home.

Pictures from today...
Feeding the ducks in Graves Park
Bishops House
The umbrella van: many people work from home
Some of those who came to say "hello" in the evening
Living God, we give you thanks
for people who work from home,
and all they have given to our lives.
They have written our novels,
recorded our times,
packed our Christmas cards,
assembled the frames of the parasols under which we shelter when we go on holiday,
glued, assembled, computed, packed, marked essays, sewn and written.
We thank you, God.
And we pray for them,
whether for them homeworking
is an opportunity,
a good and fair job,
or exploitation.
God bless them and keep them,
strengthen them,
and give them life.

We thank you for the work
of the National Group on Homeworking, the West Yorkshire Homeworking Group and other local groups
in securing justice for homeworkers.
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