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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Old Tupton to Coal Aston


The proprietor of the place I stayed had worked for the then British Steel at Swinden Labs. He wondered (as I do) how our economy can be sustained with such a diminished manufacturing base - how would we balance the books. And even if the pound went down, the people were now all gone. I suppose the trouble with invisible exports for someone with a concrete mind like mine is that they're invisible.

It is another day of broken magic. In the car park at a garden centre in Coal Aston, Janet and Hannah pick me up and take me home. I go back there tomorrow morning.

The posters for Johnny English have been with me all the way up the country. He is English and he knows nothing ... more economic reality?

So thoughts turn to Englishness and Saint George. Question... Anybody know where Saint George came from? ISTR it was somewhere in the Balkans. If he had ever travelled to these shores, would we have let him off the boat? The British National Party, who put their paper through our door while I was away, have their own idea of Britishness of course. It is not mine.

Meaningless fact corner; It was not until posters started appearing in phone boxes that I realised that Boy George sang "Karma chameleon". I had thought he sang "calm a chameleon" as in "pacify a pig" or "appease an antelope".

Pictures from today...
Celebrating the past in Dronfield
God of all humanity,
we thank you for all that makes Englishness special
[make your own list]
We thank you for all that makes
Welsh, Scottish and Irish people special
We thank you for the glories
of every nation on the face of the earth
God of all, we give you thanks.

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