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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Chevin (Derbys) to Old Tupton


Yet another warm sunny day! There were just a few fair weather clouds to spoil the party.

The prize for the most delicious, biggest, best, most nutritious pub lunch affordable on a pensioner's (and my) budget must go to braised steak, three vegetables, two kinds of potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy at the Horse and Jockey, Wessington. The beer was nice, too. The prices are more sensible for me here, but there's a sadness to that because we're near the edge of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire's decimated coalfield. Maybe people haven't got much money. Later I was talking to a birdwatcher at Ogston reservoir. He said that Clipstone Colliery closed last week. It had been on the cards for a long time and had been achieved without too much heartbreak: there was a note of resignation in his voice.

Somewhere on the road, someone in sunglasses drove past in a modern car. This is not an unusual occurrence. Homoeostasis [sp?] is fundamental to human life. We seek to cancel out the impact of the world on us. Automatically, we control blood temperature and other parameters. If it's too bright, we wear sunglasses. We drive modern, quiet cars. Unfortunately, our bodies don't drive us in the same way to minimise our impact on the world.

At some point I became aware of an ochreous ooze in the roadside watercourse. O.K., it wasn't nice, but it was infinitely better than the Somerset slurry so solicitously pointed out to me by my mate Stephen.

Pictures from today...
Farm track cuts through an edge - reddish here and there - sandstone?
Our dog is not a vegetarian
Our car has no number plate
God of all creation,
help us to treat the world
as gently as we would treat ourselves.

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