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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Easter Day - Weeford to Stretton (Burton on Trent)


It was cloudy and dry still, but the east wind had moderated a bit - a good day for walking. And nephew David Fletcher joined me for most of the day. I hardly noticed the time pass. It was good at the end of the day to be put up (with) by David's uncle and aunt in Stretton, and their small children. They ended up with quite a few family at their house for various parts of the day. And they invited a parish worker to join them and have me asking them questions in the evening. Well above and beyond the call of duty.

Question time;- Anybody know what is being quarried in the area between Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth?

In the pub at lunchtime we chatted about what you have to do to sell content (games, stories, films...) to the American market. You have to make them feel good about themselves. You can push at the boundaries a bit, but you have to work in the basic pattern familiar to all watchers of children's cartoons, Americans good, other people, often English (sic), bad, weak or stupid. That's ecoomic realities for you. OK, so I exaggerate and oversimplify, but it may go some way to explaining why there's more than just me troubled about who we English are. Irish and Scottish is different, in that their struggles can be taken to mirror the American War of Independence.

As we passed Drakelow, the substation was emitting a 100Hz hum. This is just the same hum as every other substation in the country,and as many other pieces of electrical equipment too, some in people's houses. Listen carefully, you may even hear it now. Those hums all round the country are locked in the same relative phase. They are one hum. It is the sound of a network of electricity supply that enters everyonee's home. Later in the evening, Chris Rimmer from the local parish spoke about people networking together as part of God's strategy. Are there ways of making our prayer like that all-pervasive hum, part of the prayer of the whole people of God? My prayers, and probably those of others, are too often solipsistic. But we are not just praying for other people, we are praying with them, something we need to remember in an individualistic age. I find the idea quite exciting. And here too is where the life of the risen Christ is to be found, in the life together of the people of God, despite all the frustration and heartbreak of working with fellow Christians who can often be very nasty to one another.

Pictures from today...
Signs of an earlier war, within living memory
David Fletcher and Drakelow Power Station, soon to be closed
Burton Churches' shop in Stapenhill
Living God,
we pray for new life
where old industries have closed down
or changed in such a way that some
can no longer work in them.
We pray particularly for people who work,
or have worked,
in the power and coalmining industries,
their children and grandchildren,
and communities,
as they come to terms with changed
or nonexistent jobs.
God give hope, we pray.
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