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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Stow on the Wold to Wellesbourne


Today was long and hot, with record breaking temperatures and an already long walk made longer by a diversion to avoid the Fosse Way between Stow and Moreton in Marsh. About two thirds of the way through, I realised I had lost my curiosity. I saw an indistinct road sign and just couldn't be bothered finding out where it led.

It started with a chat with some travelling people near Stow. At Moreton in Marsh I met another former colleague from ordination training days, Pauline Barnes. We walked together on past the Fire and Rescue college and up to Todenham, and chatted; and I tried out the questioning process with her. I can't describe how much these meetings cheer me up. Janet and Hannah were buzzing to and fro, helpful as ever, keeping me supplied with water.

There's not much more diary today. I was busy just walking and getting too hot.

Except that near the end of the day three lads on bikes passed and I heard one saying, "everyone's so depressed". Unless he was talking about a psychiatric ward I find that unlikely. We need to find a word for sadness / dreariness / flatness that falls short of clinical depression.

An extra treat;- Here's Janet's poem about going up and down the Fosse Way ...
Small lambs,
large crows,
steep hills,
straight roads,
primrosed banks,
hidden dips,
mobile cameras,
rumble strips,
buds breaking,
wooded ridges,
cowslip clusters,
abandoned fridges.

We stay at Offa Lodge near Leamington Spa tonight - I was given a lift up from Wellesbourne. I'll be given a lift back down there tomorrow morning, an idea which I find dispiriting!

Pictures from today...
It felt like Africa, with the heat and this broken windpump
The Walton Hall Hotel had the look of the kind of place where you could blow the whole budget in one night. I didn't stay there
Living God, we pray for the people
who work in the Fire and Rescue services,
the people who have to see
the things we never want to see,
the people who have to enter
where we wouldn't go,
people of courage,
yet human beings, vulnerable in many ways
as we are.
God protect them,
help them recover from trauma and shock,
give them dignity and every blessing.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.
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