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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Palm Sunday, Corston to Wootton Bassett


A quiet day today, only the morning for walking. I'm hoping this, combined with the arrival of my takkie boots and the lack of a bag will help my feet recover, which they seem to have done to a certain extent. There are stiffer tasks ahead for the next three or four days, but I have the advantage of the supporters and a choice of boots. So...

Not very much happened today. On the road, a peloton [sp?] passed, talking about food, as they so often do. The wind increased, but it didn't rain. As I saw the sweeping curve of the Great Western towards the junction at Wootton Bassett, I wondered if taking the long way round is sometimes better if it's faster or smoother.

There was a "not in my name" poster in someone's window. That's courageous, with RAF Lyneham a stone's throw to the south, Salisbury Plain beyond, and Fairford to the north. The war is ebbing from the media ever so slightly. The pain goes on.

Janet and Hannah have given me a palm cross for my bag.

Pictures from today...
Hannah and prizewinning Easter garden
Support team in a field
Are Corus attempting resurrection? They need it
Living God
help us remember,
when we are attracted by the signs of status,
the 4x4, the fast car...
help us remember that journey, prophetic and provocative,
made by a man sitting on a donkey,
that changed the world.

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