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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Coalpit Heath to Corston


I had sore feet towards the end, hobbling over the dried and hardened earth pitted by horses' hooves. At one point the bridleway crossed a cereal field cracked and dry.

it is great to meet Janet and Hannah, who are going to be with me on and off for a fortnight, ferrying the bag and being generally supportive.

This area seems to be a bit of a playground. If I look up I see a hot air balloon, or gliders, or microlights. If I look around, I see golf courses (particularly at the Bristol end), a course (where I stayed the night) for some kind of race or offroad mechanised pursuit, a motor racing circuit, the Players Club.... toys for boys. Much of the land is given to horses. Many of the Cotswold stone houses are new or newly refurbished.

Pictures from today...
I passed close to Pucklechurch women's prison
The parched earth
Pray for rain

And pray for those in prison, particularly those who feel suicidal, and women who do violence against their menfolk in an attempt to escape an abusive relationship

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