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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.


Question for the day (suggested by Westfield URC, Bridgwater)... How many Christians does it take to change a door handle? One possible answer ... "16 - one for the screwdriver, ten for the committee and five to stay at home and wait to be visited." - What is your answer?

It was another sunny, chilly day, with a lot of walking this time on the flat straight Levels roads, which were deserted except for a couple of white vans and a party of Cantonese students on bikes.

A number of people in Bridgwater work at Hinkley Point nuclear power stations and a few work at the cellophane factory. Apparently they have cleaned up their act and Bridgwater is nowhere near as smelly as it used to be.

The Cat Fancy headquarters and the horse grave were a reminder to me of the relationship between people and the animal world.

It was good to be accompanied for part of the walk by an old colleague from Mansfield days. Steve also invited me to an evening ecumenical housegroup. It was a good meeting. There wasn't time to use the "process", but some of the group seemed more interested in changes they could make than changes that had happened. Interesting, and hopeful.

I'm staying tonight near Axbridge. A number of people are out of town at the moment, visiting the memorial in Switzerland to people who died in an aeroplane crash there, most of whom were from Axbridge and neighbouring villages. It is thirty years tomorrow since the life of this small community was shattered in this way.

Pictures from today...
The Cat Fancy
Horse grave
Stainless origami on the NCN3
Levels road
Creator God
we thank you for animals
and all they are to us.
We pet them, work with them,
use them in agriculture.
We thank you for the diversity of creation
and the hard work of breeders.

God of love,
we pray for communities that have been hit by disaster,
whose names we may vaguely remember,
but whose pain lives on when the media have gone.
For Axbridge, Aberfan, Lockerbie and other places,
we ask that those who mourn may be comforted,
that despair may turn to hope,
and new life may continue to develop.
© Bob Warwicker. The words here may be reproduced freely, but not for gain, or without attribution. All alterations must have the permission of the author.