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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Crowcombe Heathfield to Bridgwater


It was a light day today, only a ten mile stroll. But I feel now as if I'm really into the "meat" of England, and I've started using my interview process. I've had some other good conversations as well, so quite a full day.

I met uk.religion.chrisitian newsgroup member Tim Whittingham on top of the Quantocks with the local rector. The Quantocks are a beautiful place, but a strange one for a church-related meeting.

In the evening I was invited to one of the home groups of Westfield United Reformed Church. These kind people also put me up for the night.

It was a cold, sunny day. In the part of the day when I had to dawdle, I lay down in the shelter of some gorse out of the easterly breeze and in the sun. It was like summer, with winter five feet away.

Pictures from today...
Tim Whittingham and Richard Parker
Richard Parker and self
Gorse viewed from a recumbent position
Give God thanks for the love
that Christians show one another
in praying for each other
and supporting each other,
which has got people through many troubles,

and pray for more love.

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