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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

. Passion Sunday - South Molton to Dulverton


Last evening I went into town for something to eat. It was Saturday night and there were men in and out of the pubs. Some were being driven by their womenfolk. A fragrant pall of woodsmoke hung over the marketplace, giving a claustrophobic feel to the evening twilight. A trailer load of sheep swung slowly round the square behind an old tractor, their bleats mingling with the dance/house/acid [I don't know - whatever kind of music you get if you stick you fingers in the electricity supply for too long] belting out from above "the diner". I feel a little strange in this place.

The day started with some ground frost here and there and was soon fine and plenty warm enough. I passed Veraby - the Danes were never here were they? And it didn't take very long to get to Dulverton on the edge of Exmoor. I had a feeling of it being a fairly wealthy place. But houses here were cheaper than London, if more expensive than Sheffield. Maybe a number of people here are second homers, pricing the locals out of the market. Certainly the estate agent is offering places as second homes.

I went to evensong, late, gauche and in shorts, but hey, who cares?

There was a reading from Exodus about Aaron engaging in what appears to be a magic competition with the Egyptians, and one from Romans 15 about Jesus and Adam, which almost seemed to say Jesus's magic is stronger than the magic which condemned humanity through Adam. Is that where CS Lewis got his "deeper magic from before the dawn of time" from? But I think it's not just "God's magic is better than anybody else's". What God has with the people of God is different in kind from what we understand as magic. It's passion. And I mean "passion" in a more everyday sense than Christians usually mean when they're talking about Jesus. It's the desire for relating, an all-consuming love. (This is, by the way, heretical to suggest that the whole of what we mean by God experiences any emotion, let alone that suffering into which love leads us).

Incidentally, it was odd to hear on a day like today "...this is Nisa FM at the store that's driving down the cost of Easter..." Now you know. Soon we'll soon be able to dispense with Paul's tortured letters and any reference to the crucifixion.

Note to walkers; If you expected to find a small piece of trail on the old railway trackbed between West Knowle and Nightcott, it isn't there. You can only use it east of Nightcott.

Apologies for the lateness of today's page. This was due to Dulverton being in a hole.

Pictures from today...
Tourism plays a part around here - and I'm one of them!
God of love,
as we think how in Jesus
you turned your face towards trouble and pain,
we remember all who suffer because they love too much,
relief workers in danger,
clergy at the end of their tether,
wives in abusive relationships,
friends and lovers.
God may they find
someone to be with them in their suffering.
Lord, in your mercy ... hear our prayer.

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