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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Holsworthy to Great Torrington


Another day of quiet country lanes in deep country, mixed agricultural land. It is still hot and sunny, which is not ideal for sweaty feet.

For a couple of hours the most exciting thing was a www.tesco.com van pulled up a couple of hundred yards ahead of me then moved off again. Groceries delivered to your door! ... an example of a decision taken for commercial reasons which also benefits the environment.

As the time turned into Friday afternoon, I became aware of more cars, more activity. I saw one car stuffed with luggage and towels parked by a house where a wetsuit was hanging up outside. Later somebody greeted me with a clear London accent. But I wouldn't jump to conclusions. That evening I stayed with an old nursing friend of my mother-in-law and she and her family weren't aware of any great number of weekenders. It is, by the way, brilliant to be treated with so much kindness by someone you last saw over ten years ago.

It turned out to be a long stretch: the Tarka trail looked inviting, although it didn't get me much nearer my destination. So I took a two mile diversion.

Thank you to those who replied to my question. It seems the answer is, "to keep the frost off".

Pictures from today...
The Torridge valley
Even a sculpture needs a rest sometimes
God of truth
we pray for directors of commercial organisations,
who must serve their shareholders' best interests,
yet also have a conscience.
Guide and support them
when they face dilemmas
about the environment,
about the way they treat their workers,
about who they buy from and under what terms.
So let this world
be a better place to live.

And still the war goes on...
God give peace, justice and stability.
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