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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Launceston to Holsworthy


The small print - From time to time the uploading process goes wrong, and for instance, the link to an image throws a 404. I have no browser, so I don't find this out until my spies tell me so. When I'm told, I do try to put things right, but this may be a day ot two. Please be patient.

Today - a (relatively) short day on the back lanes, deep in countryside. Unfortunately no pictures because of an accident with a finger and a "format memory card" button.

The knife at this morning's breakfast said "Firth Stainless", a reminder of Sheffield [past if it's about mass market cutlery].

A question to all my readers; why would you tie carrier bags over your wing mirrors? Answers by email please.

Early in the day, eager to find somebody in marginal employment, I spotted an elderly man in the distance directing traffic around some workmen cutting a hedge. When I got closer, I asked, "Are you getting paid for this?"

"No: I'm paying them. It's my hedge."

Footnote: Only fourteen miles today, and it should have been trouble free. But a little toe caught me by surprise and hurt a lot. After some running repairs I think it's going to be alright.

Pictures from today... none (see above)
When an electronic device loses its memory it is annoying, but when a person loses their memory it can be devastating.

Living God, we pray for those who have Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.
May they discover stable places of love and trust
in a confusing and untrustworthy world.
We pray for those who care for them,
who are sometimes more aware than the sufferers themselves
of the pain and distress.
God answer every plea for healing.
Lord, in your mercy... hear our prayer.

And recalling that horrible moment when you discover something precious, some work, something necessary, is lost forever; let us pray for people who have been burgled or robbed, or who have lost something, or who have pressed the wrong button on their computers, or whose paintings have got wet, that in having God, they have not lost everything.

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