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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- St Austell to St Breward


Thought for the day; What do those fish make of the candle? What do they make of any of it, really? If I brought my bicycle in and parked it opposite the tank, would they eye it covetously? Except I haven't got my bicycle because I'm walking. And walking is different from cycling: when I cycle, I worry about the mechanical integrity of my bike, and when I' walking I worry about the mechanical integrity of my body. I woke up in a sweat at midnight last night, wondering if my toe had got worse. Well maybe it had, but today I braced it with some sticky tape, and got through a long day reasonably well with some boot adjustments.

The good moments are beginning to come, despite (maybe beceause of) a day that was wet and windy, the kind of day when you put everything in the bag, get your head down and just go. Good moments;- walking in the wind, singing snatches of Bessie Smith to the thin air; the relief of the Camel Trail after a long day on tarmac; walking back from the pub in the emergent evening sunshine, with the majority of a colossal meal inside and a familiar tightness of the calves that says you've done some good work today. Sure, the bad moments will come too, but they can keep for another day.

Walker's log;- St Austell Urban Village regeneration project on the site of an old rubber works. I hope it works. The Eden Project - we've all heard the story of its success in regenerating an economy that lost many china clay jobs. The fish and chip restaurant in Bodmin. When I sat down, there was an elderly woman sitting at the back with a threequarter eaten sandwich and a newspaper. She was still there when I left. What was her story? It wasn't my business to know. The view from the place I'm staying tonight.

It always cheers me up when a pretty young woman smiles at me (sad old individual that I am) - except this occasion in a greengrocer's in Bodmin. Because the person who went before me wasn't accorded the same friendliness. I had the disquieting feeling that it was because the person in front of me's face wasn't white.

I can't say I noticed any April fools or jolly pranks today. Maybe the world has got too srerious.

Pictures from today...
eden project
more eden project
from the window of the B&B
Pray for all people who have a story that nobody else knows,
for the alone, by choice or accident,
for the guilty,
for those in places of high power.
May they all be known by the God of love.

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