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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Truro to Saint Austell


"Looking at the size of you, I think I'll give you two large towels" - said Mrs Talbot last night. I must be a sight, if landladies take one look at my surface area and give me extra towels. But the guest house in Truro was good; there were energy saving bulbs in the lights and old plastic carrier bags lining the bins. I like all this.

It was a slow day, with plenty of time to go not so far as I had walked Saturday and Sunday. Truro Cathedral was a good place to start, a place perhaps to put me in the mood for being patient. I needed to be slow, too, to protect an old toe injury.

This "patience" idea went well, except for the parts near the main road. The aggression of the traffic makes you quicken your pace without noticing (sp?). But much of the old main road has been mercifully de-trunked in a round of bypass-building, so it was mostly a delightful, slow, restful day in the sun.

As I sat in the pub in Sticker, eating a huge bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, I overheard this; "Cauliflower is one thing that has improved - you rarely get a grotty cauliflower now." This is the other side of the "perfect lettuce" story - consumer pressure. We are all consumers - we always were, but is that becoming what defines us? Is that what makes us feel good about ourselves, when we make the right choices and buy the best things? Ho hum - harder work tomorrow.

Pictures from today...
A tourist-eye view of Truro Cathedral
This is Probus - for a moment I thought I was in Brittany - not very similar really
Cross and high-flying aeroplane
Let's think about the cross and the aeroplane...

The cross could be for gravestones;
At a time when newspapers are warning of suicide attacks by terrorists,
we could pray for the safe arrival of travellers,
particularly by air.

The cross could be for Chrisitianity, the majority religion of the dominant western world, and the aeroplane is the main means of global passenger transport enjoyed by the western world;
and sometimes we Christians have been mis-allied with an alien power, the power of Emperor Constantine or the Crusaders.
We may even owe our existence to military might.
Yet we proclaim Christ crucified and good news to the poor.
We could pray for the integrity of Christians in a world of power politics.

The cross could be for the death of Jesus, that many would call sacrifice;
Pray that no-one could have such a twisted idea of sacrifice that they are willing to away with the lives of fellow passengers.
Remember Jesus - his way is love.
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