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"End to End via the Margins"
-the diary of a walk.

- Mothering Sunday - Leedstown to Truro


Apologies for the large download size of the pictures for the day zero diary. This has been rectified for subsequent dates.

Something from yesterday which didn't get into the diary was Marazion Methodist chapel. This was the place where our family and tandem were made welcome some years ago. Since then, they gave refuge to an asylum seeker. The Christians down here (and many of them are Methodists) take "welcoming the stranger" seriously. On the wall of the place I stayed in Leedstown is a house blessing. It says, "...and bless each door that opens wide to strangers as to kin..." Now I'm sure these little plaques are knocked out in their thousands, but down here I feel this sentiment is backed up by action.

It seems that Cornwall is bearing more than its share of deaths in the war. Even in the modern hi-tech armed services, is it still young who face likely unemployment or low pay who join in the greatest numbers? Camborne is full of the signs of disappeared work, some long gone, some more recently lost.

The day dawned bright and soon the sun was hot, too hot at times. Is this too good to last?

As I walked down the main road into Truro, the scene started to look more familiar, a garden centre, retail parks, big roundabouts - same as anywhere else, really.

Pictures from today...
Holman of Camborne used to employ 1? 2? 000 people. Now CompAir employs a couple of hundred at most
Old tine mine
The first roadside shrine of the walk. Someone obviously didn't drive carefully
Living God, we give thanks for all who welcome the stranger.
But it can be hard to do sometimes:
give grace to all who try and make the stranger welcome,
and give wisdom to the people of the immigration service
who have to judge asylum claims.

Generous God, we pray for all who are put out of work
by changes in industry:
may they have a new hope.

And may we all remember,
when we are on the roads,
how close we are to harm:
so may we take care,
and all people be safe on the road.

We pray for all mothers,
that their children may come home safe.
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